Light truck and van haluage from Europe to CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc.)

Light truck and van haluage from Europe to CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc.)

Rafko transport provides delivery service of light cargo from Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and in opposite direction by light trucks and vans - up to 6000 kg (small capacity trucks and vans). Within the delivery of small cargo Hazardous and expensive goods are not an exception.

Express delivery of light cargoes from Europe to CIS - our specialty!

At the disposal of our customers we have: express delivery service of cargoes weighing up to 1500 kg. For instance, we can deliver from Europe to Moscow within 2-4 days depending on the point of loading and the requirements lodged by customer. Express delivery from Europe to CIS will allow you to save time on shipping, and will relieve you from unwanted troubles or losses related with possible delays.


The geography of such light truck and van transportations is stretching from Western European to the CIS countries.


 The Company disposes of light duty trucks (light trucks and vans) with the following capacity:  





1500 kg




3000 kg




4000 kg




6000 kg


After all necessary documents are ready for Express delivery, we will send copies of them to you by e-mail. With these documents on hand, the consignee will be able to check the correctness of data, compliance with the supply contract, as well to carry out the procedure of prior declaration of incoming import cargo at their local customs, so that the cargo was cleared in the shortest time after arrival.

Delivery of small cargoes from Europe to Russia and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan is not the only activity of the company Rafko transport. We also provide services of cargo haulage by trucks with weight / size parameters (up to 22 tons) with a standard delivery time (about 500 km / day). At the same time, the cost of delivery depends on the route and construed in accordance with customers ' requests.

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