Truck transport

Truck transport

A leading type of Rafko transport Company’s activities is arranging international road freight from Europe comunity to Russia and CIS countries and those of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbajdzan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan) and in opposite direction.

As compared to other modes of transportation the road transport offers the following advantages:

  • An opportunity to deliver a cargo with no reloading thereof virtually to any point where a truck can drive

  • Delivery of cargo within a time and to a point of destination the most convenient for a customer (from door to door)

  • Road freightage is effected along a route the most acceptable and beneficial for a customer

  • a higher degree of safety as compared to carriages by other types of transport

Rafko transport is involved in carrying a wide range of cargoes starting from small (as part of composed or express deliveries) to bulky heavy cargo.


The types of transport employed for road freightage:

  1. tilted motor vehicles

  2. isotherms

  3. refrigerators

  4. vehicles equipped with ADR kits (for carrying hazardous commodity)

  5. light-duty motor vehicles

  6. megatrailers (for carrying high cargo — up to 3.00 m)

  7. low-level pads (for oversized and heavy cargo)


Rafko transport renders the following additional services:


  • documentary services (assistance in executing CMRs, preparing for customs clearance)

  • consultancy on the issues of arranging international carriages (working out routes, cargo delivery schemes)

  • tracing cargo location on all haulage stages

  • solving current problems arising in the course of border cargo clearance

  • insuring cargo against all risks

If you need: 

transport to Russia

transport to Belarus

transport to Kazakhstan

transport to Uzbekistan

transport to Kyrgyzstan

transport to Azejbardzan

transport to Turkmenistan 

transport to Tajikistan

those are all our directions of transportations.


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