About us

About us

Rafko transport is a transport and logistics company rendering services on arranging haulage by motor vehicles and air. The freight traffic activity is effected in the following geographical directions:


By motor vehicles – from the countries of Western and Eastern Europe to Siberia and Central Asia and in opposite direction


By air transport – world wide.


The Company’s operation is based on a detailed analyzing the needs of each customer and specific features of cargoes to be transported. Such individual approach and search for optimal logistics solutions make the Company to be a customer-focused one. The complete professionalism, introducing advanced technologies in the process of conveying cargoes, servicing all stages of freight traffic make it possible for customers to entrust their cargo to Rafko transport. The Company’s liability is insured with a limit equal to EUR 500 000 in respect to each insured accident.

As of a day of its foundation in 2009 the Company incorporated two representative offices in two countries: Poland and Republic of Belarus. This makes it possible for our customers to be provided with maximally qualitative services both in the CIS countries and in those of Western Europe.


In the course of cargo conveying Rafko transport procures documentary services involving executing CMR waybills, invoices, export declarations and other accompanying documents.


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