Small cargo transportation schemes

Small cargo transportation schemes

The relevance of groupage shipments from Europe to Russia is constantly growing. Crisis periods and a drawdown of the ruble exchange rate for the year seriously affect trade volumes, suppliers are looking for new opportunities to minimize logistics and transportation costs.

The adaptability of the Rafko Transport company allows our customers to minimize transportation costs by providing groupage cargo and low-tonnage transport services.

Freight for a full large truck does not always correspond to its filling with goods; therefore, it is unwise to pay for air transportation.

Our company offers reasonable transportation as part of a groupage cargo or a separate small truck.
If you are satisfied with economical delivery within 10-12 days, we will offer you the transportation of groupage cargo from Europe. In case of urgent transportation, we will deliver it by plane or low-tonnage truck or van from Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

We provide you with a choice of low-tonnage trucks and vans with the following carrying capacity: up to 1.5 tons / 20m3, up to 3 tons / 30m3, up to 6 tons / 40 m3. More details can be found here.

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