Rafko transport is involved in carrying oversized cargo, the parameters of which exceed permissible dimensions or weight set forth by national law of the countries in supply route.


The heavy-lift or bulky cargo which because of its dimensions or weight cannot be carried in an enclosed vehicle or a container is qualified to be oversized cargo.


Such cargo is delivered by the following two major ways:


1) Standard-size flatbed platforms:

Such way makes it possible to carry cargo with the following dimensions:


  • Weight up to 26 tons

  • Height up to 3,45 m.

  • Width up to 4,50 m

  • Length up to 15,60 m

The use of standard semi-trailers which are slightly exceeding permissible dimensions makes it possible to minimize transportation costs. In so doing it is not compulsory to obtain a special permit for carrying such oversized cargo from relevant public authorities and to work out a special route.


2)  By low-level tiefladers for carrying bulky and heavy cargo which makes it possible to carry a wide range of bulky and heavy cargo:


  • Weight up to 50 tons

  • Height up to 4,20 m.

  • Width up to 6,00 m

  • Length up to 25,00 m


If you need transportation of oversized cargo to or from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azejbardzan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, China. Delivery from China.  please feel free to contact us or

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